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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Sitting

Why choose pet sitting over a kennel?

Providing care for your pets in their own home allows for less stress for you and your pets.  Being in unfamiliar surroundings is hard on pets who are used to the comforts of their own bed.  In addition, pets can also contract illnesses from being exposed to other animals in a boarding situation and there is no worry of transporting your pet to and from the kennel. 

Why choose pet sitting over asking your friend, relative or neighborhood kid?

This is our profession, this is what we are passionate about and what puts food on our table.  We will show up for each scheduled visit, on time, and provide the best care possible for your pets and make sure your home is also secured and cared for.  No shortcutting or skipping visits because "something came up".  We are also bonded and insured to cover your pets and property.

Does pet sitting require licensure?

Simply put, no.  Pet sitting is self governed by each proprietor and there are no actual licenses to obtain.  However, we take pride in continually educating ourselves and each other through sharing stories and researching the best possible ways to best care for your pets.  We also adhere to the code of ethics put forth by Pet Sitters International.  Upon request, we also provide numerous current client references which we feel speak for themselves and put the question on licensure to rest.